Writing Resume

Plays - Full-Lengths & One-Acts


Soho Playhouse (Off-Broadway, 2018)

Hollywood Fringe Festival (2018)

Fierce Backbone (Reading, 2017)


Theatre of NOTE [Staged Reading, 2020)

Fierce Backbone (Reading, 2018)

Fountain Theater (Staged Reading, 2015)


Force of Nature Productions (99-Seat, 2018-2019)

OC-Centric New Play Festival (2014)


CLIMB Theatre (Touring Production, 2019-2020)

Commissioned by CLIMB Theatre


Arts Abound Incorporated (2020)

EU Info Centre (2020)

Miami Country Day School (2019)

Banks County High School (2019)


First Stab Festival (Staged Reading, 2019)


Midsummer Scream (Immersive, 2019)

Force of Nature Productions (Immersive, 2019)


Wicked Lit (Immersive, 2018)

A Night at the Colonie (Staged Reading, 2017)


Wicked Lit (Immersive, 2017)


Venus/Adonis Play Festival (2016)

Plays - Ten-Minutes & Shorts


Force of Nature Productions (99-seat, 2020)


Force of Nature Productions (99-Seat, 2018)


Fierce Backbone (99-Seat, 2017)


Fierce Backbone (Staged Reading, 2017)


Fierce Backbone (Staged Reading, 2017)


Camino Real Playhouse (99-Seat, 2014)



Southwest Florida Christian Academy (2021)

Saugus Middle School (2021)

Lusitania Primary School (2021)

Ten West Center for the Arts (2021)

Oberlin Elementary School (2021)

Las Hachazuelas, Soc. Coop. Madrilena (2021)

Carlton Landing Academy (2021)

Sheppard AFB Elementary (2021)

Palmyra Theatre (2021)

Poplar Bluff Middle School (2020)

Drama Kids of NWF (2020)

Doral Red Rock (2020)

Bozeman Dance Academy (2020)

Jamaica Elementary School (2020)

Sierra Enterprise Elementary School (2020)

L.D. Batchelder School (2020)

Stage Door Youth Theatre (2020)

Maples Repertory Theatre (2020)

Tipp City Umc (2020)

Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts (2020)

Double R Private School (2020)
Northfields International High School (2020)
Ashland Productions (2020)
Skagit Academy (2020)
Georgetown Palace Theatre (2020)
Sawyers Valley Primary School (2020)
Mountain Dream Productions (2020)
Community School (2020)
W.L. Swain Elementary (2020)
ARTSies Inc (2020)

Tchefuncte Middle School (2020)

Foothill Country Day School (2020)

Hillcrest Public School (2020)

Templeton Elementary (2020)
Humewood Community School (2020)
Crossroads Area Student Theatre (2020)

Jeanette Boynton (2020)
Eastwood Public School (2020)
Santa Clara Musical Theater (2020)

Garfield Elementary School (2019)

Foothills Elementary (2019)

Marblehead Little Theatre (2019)

Artistic Civic Theatre (2019)

The Studio Performing Arts Academy (2019)

Upper Moreland School (2019)
STAGE 28 (2019)

Zeal Youth Theatre (2019)
Brentwood Elementary (2019)
Showstoppers (2019)
International School at Sotogrande SL (2019)

Hangzhou International School (2019)

Notre Dame Jr/Sr High School (2019)
Yellow Stage Door Performing Arts Studio (2019)

Chadwick International School (2019)

Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts (2019)

Nodaway Community Theater (2019)

Faith West Academy (2019)

Bermuda High School (2019)

Riverview Middle School (2019)

Harding Academy (2019)

Bacon County School (2019)

Tuncurry Public School (2019)

Center for the Arts Bonita Springs (2019)

St. Bede’s Primary School (2019)

DMR Adventures (2019)

Palo Alto Children’s Theatre (2019)

Taranganba State School (2019)

Garfield Center for the Arts (2019)

Revere Lamplighters (2019)

Orlando Repertory Theatre (2019)

Making Light Productions (2019)

Mater Palms Academy (2019)

The Kennedy Elementary School (2019)

St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School (2019)

KD Markley Elementary School (2019)

Bearden Productions (2019)

Hyde Park School (2019)

Lincoln Community Playhouse (2019)

Alliston Union P.S. (2019)

Kingslake Public School (2019) 

Woodland School (2019)

Northside Elementary (2019)

Dakota Academy of Performing Arts (2019)

Reynolds Elementary School (2019)

Riga Victoria Dance Academy (2019)

Playmakers (2019)

Franklin Regional School District (2019)

Bradenton Christian School (2019)

Woodbury Heights Elementary School (2019)

Elkhart Civic Theatre, Inc (2019)

Music and Play Canada Inc. (2019)

Holy Spirit Primary School(2018)

Children in Motion (2018)

Shrine Catholic Grade School (2018)

Colonial Beach Elementary School (2018)

Southern Delaware School of the Arts (2018)

Thames Valley District School (2018)


Yellow Stage Door Performing Arts Studio (2021)

Professional Youth Theatre of MI (2021)

Provost Elementary (2021)

Wichita Collegiate School (2021)

Kinross Wolaroi School (2021)

Drexler Middle School (2021)

South Mountain YMCA (2021)

Jamaica Elementary School (2021)

Interlochen Center for the Arts (2021)

The Devonshire Playhouse (2021)

Red Music & Dance Centre (2020)

Spotlight Acting School (2020)

Shining Key Bilingual Art Troupe (2020)

Glen Grove Elementary School (2020)

Celina Intermediate School (2020)

Savannah Children's Theatre (2020)

The South Canterbury Drama League (2020)

Sunderland Public School (2020)
Senita Valley elementary school (2020)
Canadian International School of Beijing (2020)

Kidscollege (2020)
Trinity Basin Preparatory - Jefferson Campus (2020)

Don Steed Elementary (2020)
Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre (2020)

Taranganba State School (2020)
Heights Middle School (2020)
Bravo! Creative Arts (2020)
Charlotte Country Day School (2020)
St. Tammany Parish Talented Arts Program (2020)

Geyser Road Elementary (2020)

Alberta Dance Academy (2020)

English Modern School Al Khor (2020)

Dakota Academy of Performing Arts (2020)

Madison Country Day School (2020)

Seekonk Public Schools (2020)

Shirley Barber Elementary School (2020)

Garrettford Elementary (2020)
Xinzhu Cultural Development Center (2020)

Rosa Parks Elementary School (2020)
Linton Hall School (2020)
Brock Bridge Elementary (2020)
Theatre Bugs Adelaide Theatre Academy (2020)

Diyar International School Fujairah (2020)

Chapel Street Elementary School (2020)

Burlington Elementary (2020)
Cantata School Of Music (2020)
Edmonds Heights K-12 (2020)
Rockland Theatre Company (2020)

Paramount Elementary (2020)

Keystone State Music Theater (2019)

Kearney Community Theatre (2019)
Mastro Montessori Academy (2019)

Hyde Park School (2019)
Tupper Lake Central School (2019)
East Ridge Elementary PTA (2019)

Upper Moreland School (2019)

Hartford Central School (2019)

Juniata Park Academy (2019)

Knik Elementary (2019)

Timpanogos Valley Theatre (2019)

Double R Private School (2019)

NoCo Theatrix Children’s Theater (2019)

Manitoba Learning Resource Center (2019)

Princess Elizabeth Public School (2019)

MSDWT Summer Enrichment (2019)

Vibe Music Center (2019)

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy (2019)

Southwest Florida Christian Academy (2019)

Warroad Elementary (2019)

Raleigh Area Children’s Theatre (2019)

Lighthouse Repertory Theatre (2019)

George Daily Community (2019)

Ely Public Schools (2019)

IUP Community Music School (2019)

Georgetown Palace Theatre (2019)

Rubicon Theatre Summer Youth Program (2019)

ACT of Connecticut (2019)

Between the Scenes (2019)

Uskudar SEV Middle School (2019)

Skyrise Children’s Theater (2019)

Wilson Elementary PTA (2019)

Seaforth Public School (2019)

The American School of Asunscion (2019)

Lake Park-Audubon (2019)

Nashport Elementary School (2019)

Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts (2019)

Ranfurly Primary School (2019)

Brooklyn Elementary School (2019)

CPASS (2019)

Dr. Martin Luther King Literary Fine Arts School (2019)

Adams Elementary School (2019)

Richfield Middle School (2019)

Seabreeze Elementary (2019)

Norton Elementary School (2019)

Woodside Elementary School (2019)

Crossroads Area Student Theatre (2019)

All the DAZ Productions (2019)

Rising Stars Drama Camp (2019)

St. Mary’s Area Elementary Music Club (2019)

Dakota Prairie Regional Center for the Arts (2018)

Theatrix Theatre School (2018)

Cast and Crew Youth Theatre Society (2018)

Greensboro Day School (2018)

Imagine Mountain View (2018)

Brentwood Elementary (2018)

Oberlin Elementary School (2018)

Sterling Classical School (2018)

Tioga Hills Elementary School (2018)

Daniel Island School (2018)

Manhattan Music Man Prod. (2018)

Lumen Christi Catholic Elementary School (2018)

Arts Abound Incorporated (2018)

Ashland Productions (2018)

Seven color light music drama club (2018)

Maples Repertory Theatre (2018)

Dance First (2018)

PLAY Performing Arts Project (2018)

Make A Scene Kid's Theatre (2018)

Derryfield Repertory Theatre/The Derryfield (2018)

Penn Yan Central School District (2018)

L.D. Batchelder School (2018)

Bellarine Jongleurs (2018)

Christ Episcopal School (2018)

The Carnegie (2018)

New London Barn Playhouse (2018)

Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts (2018)

PS 8 Robert Fulton School (2018)

BASIS Oro Valley Primary (2018)

Lincrest Elementary (2018)

Gateway To The Arts (2018)

Dance Palace Kids Musical Theater (2018)

Theatre Bugs (2018)

Trebein Elementary (2018)

Durango Arts Center (2018)

St. Luke's United Methodist Church (2018)

Stars and Steps LLC (2018)

Upper Dublin Parks & Recreation (2018)

St. Peter School (2018)

Woodbury Heights Elementary School (2018)

Northvail Elementary School (2018)

Wayne Township Edu Fndtn (2018)

Cornerstone Academy (2018)

Wheeling Country Day School (2018)

The Columbian Theatre (2018)

The Augusta Jr Players (2018)

Cole Elementary School (2018)

Kruse Elementary School (2018)

Jasper Grade School (2018)

Cumberland Elementary (2018)

Olive B. Loss Elementary School (2018)

ACT One (2018)

Hanover Public Schools (2018)

Holy Trinity School (2018)

Manhattan Music Man Productions LLC (2018)

Glendora United Methodist Church (2018)

Lincoln Community Playhouse (2018)

Antioch Elementary School (2017)

The Cathedral School (2017)

KD Markley Elementary School (2017)

Stillwater Elementary School (2017)

Wohlwend Elementary (2017)

Arrowhead Elementary School (2017)

Shrine Catholic Grade School (2017)

Oakridge Elementary (2017)

Friendship Elementary (2017)

Chapman Mills Public School (2017) 

The University of Southern Mississippi (2017)

Orchard Hills Elementary (2017)

Queen Margaret's School (2017)

Kingslake Public School (2017)

The Kennedy Elementary School (2017)

PK Yonge DRS (2017)

Orlando Repertory Theatre (2017)

Marin Horizon School (2017)

Bradenton Christian School (2017)

Pine Tree Elementary School (2017)

DaVinci Academy of Arts and Science (2017)

Chippewa Elementary School (2017)

North Lake School District (2017)

Weston Intermediate School (2017)

Harrison Elementary School (2017)

Palo Alto Children's Theatre (2017)

Charlotte Public Schools (2017)

Western Reserve Playhouse (2017)

Future Stars Summer Camps (2017)

Legacy Christian Academy (2017)

Indian and Forest Acres (2017)

The Bermuda High School (2017)

Miami Valley Christian Academy (2017)

Greater Loch Raven Recreation Council (2017)

Harding Academy (2017)

Jesse Bobo Elementary (2017)

Northwest Langley Baptist Church (2017)

Arlington Community Education (2017)

Broadway Kids in The County (2017)

White River Christian Home Educators (2017)

Farmington Hills Youth Theatre (2017)

St. George Music Theatre Company (2017)

Planetdance (2017)

Arts Abound Incorporated (2017)

Tucson Country Day School (2017)

Runnels School (2017)

Harris-Lake Park Community School (2017)

Washington Elementary School (2017)

Thorndale Public School (2017)

Lincoln Elementary School (2017)

St. John Paul II Catholic School (2017)

Cedar Performing Arts (2017)

Guiteras Elementary School (2017)

St. Luke (2017)

Watchung Elementary School (2017)

Ambrose Children's Theater (2017)

Lucerne Valley Elementary (2017)

Herb Campbell Public School (2017)


Music by Zane Bridwell

Development reading at NYU Tisch School of the Arts



Music by & Lyrics co-written with Katherine Cartusciello

Commissioned by The La Jolla Playhouse & Blindspot Collective (2020)


Book by Kerry; Lyrics by Joe Badore; Music by Nori Hung

Released by "The Latest Draft" Podcast (2020)


Music by William Karras


"Kenny's Castaways"

Music by Eliza Randall

Performed Off-Broadway at The Rattlestick Playwrights Theater (2021)

& at Lincoln Center's "Broadway's Future Songbook" (2021)

"Can't Wait"

Music by Earl Marrows

Premiered at The Other Palace in London (2020)


WOUNDED (feature)

In Development; Optioned by Pico Blvd Entertainment​; Daniel Pico attached to direct

PROFILE (feature)

In Development; Optioned by Five Acre Films

Published Works
CONTEMP. MONOLOGUES FOR YOUNG ACTORS - publishing summer 2022, by Beat by Beat Press
E-SCAPE publishing March 2022, by Eldridge Plays & Musicals
WOUNDED - publishing Feb. 2022, by Next Stage Press
GRAY PEOPLE - published Nov. 2021, by Next Stage Press
THE CLAW - published Sept. 2021, by Beat by Beat Press
SALLY SELLS SEASHELLS (AND YOU CAN, TOO) - published Aug. 2018, by Beat by Beat Press
BEFORE THE BELL - published Feb. 2018, by Beat by Beat Press
GIANTS IN THE SKY - published Apr. 2017, by Beat by Beat Press

Broadway's Future Songbook, presented by Lincoln Center
Soho Playhouse’s Fringe International Encore Series Award Winner

Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s National Playwrights Conference Finalist

4 Better Lemons Critics Choice Awards

3 Better Lemons Double-Sweet Awards

3 Better Lemons Audience Choice Awards 

Children’s Musical Theater Festival Winner

Fierce Backbone Grant Winner 

OC-Centric New Play Festival’s Best Full-length Play Award Winner

Examiner.com’s Best New Play Winner

BroadwayWorld Best Play (Local Theatre) Nominee

BroadwayWorld Best Play (Larger Theatre) Nominee

Hollywood Fringe Festival’s Top of the Fringe Nominee

Hollywood Fringe Festival’s Fringe First Nominee

Unleashed Award Nominee

Outdoor Voices Festival’s Conversation Starter Nominee

Fountain Theater’s Rapid Development Series Finalist

David Ross Fetzer for Emerging Artists Theatre Grant Finalist

New American Voice Semi-Finalist

Austin Film Festival Playwriting Award Semi-Finalist

Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s National Playwrights Conference Semi-Finalist

PlayPenn Semi-Finalist

Humanitas/CTG Playwriting Prize Semi-Finalist

Sanguine New Play Festival Semi-Finalist

Nevada Film Festival Best Short Screenplay Winner

Hollywood Screenplay Contest Action/Adventure Finalist

Austin Film Festival Drama Pilot Semi-Finalist

Austin Film Festival Sitcom Pilot Semi-Finalist

Austin Film Festival Sitcom Spec Semi-Finalist

Fresh Voices Semi-Finalist

Champion Screenwriting TV Pilot Semi-Finalist 

WriteMovies TV Pilot Semi-Finalist

Eerie Horror Film Festival Semi-Finalist


Aaron Sorkin Fellowship (provided by Syracuse University)


MFA in Musical Theatre Writing - N.Y.U. Tisch School of the Arts

BFA in Acting - Syracuse University