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Reviews for WOUNDED

“WOUNDED is one of the most emotionally complex and devastating plays I have seen in a long time…If the purpose of live theater is to connect us with others and illuminate their experiences so we can learn about ourselves as we witness them, then this piece has achieved its mission. It is an honor to have witnessed a piece of theater that can have that effect on an audience. I highly recommend this show."

                                                                                – Russell Eaton, My Haunt Life

“Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm has written something much more interesting than a play about the human cost of war. It’s more about how we deal with damaged people, or how damaged people deal with each other…I highly recommend this show.” Guy Picot, FringeReview

“Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm’s WOUNDED is hard to watch. And that’s some of the highest praise I can give theater…It may be completely sold out at this point, but try to get in. You’ll remember the experience for a long time.” – Matt Ritchey, Gia on the Move

"WOUNDED is not an anti-war play. It is a quiet, respectful examination of three intersecting lives.” – Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost

“WOUNDED is a must-see this Fringe. Go, now!" – Ashley Cotter, The Detective

WOUNDED Poster Art by Matt Hill.png

Poster art by Matthew Hill

Reviews for GRAY PEOPLE

GP Poster.jpg

“Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm is a playwright who bears watching…He has a knack for setting people in tight situations, where their rubbing up against one another will produce not only friction but insight, as each one’s outer layers fall away…Kazmierowicztrimm’s investigation here is into truth-telling, hiding truth, and outright lying — and the consequences of all of the above. Once having seen his inquiry unfold, you may want to watch it again to see what you missed or overlooked.” – Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost

Having seen a few works by playwright Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm, I went into Gray People expecting fascinating, deeply troubled people in a heart-breaking situation.  He did not disappoint.” – David MacDowell Blue, Night-Tinted Glasses

“As grim as this scenario is, the playwright cleverly mixes in a hefty amount of comic relief…RECOMMENDED.” – Lovell Estell III, Stage Raw

“[GRAY PEOPLE is] an engrossing study of human behavior and a thoroughly enjoyable drama with the twists and turns of a great murder mystery.

                                                                              – Matt Ritchey, Gia on the Move

Conversation crackles like a thriller, but at the heart of this night rests the discovery that every person we meet reveals only a part of themselves to us.” Russell Eaton, My Haunt Life

Poster art by Brian Larios

Reviews for Fallen Saints: SALEM

“From the moment the play begins, the tension of the environment around Salem is palpable, and it only thickens and worsens as the narrative progresses…Kudos go to writer, Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm, and director, Sebastian Muñoz for orchestrating a masterful lesson on the persuasive and sometimes deadly fallibility of man." – Albert Lam, Westcoaster

“It’s a wild ride of a theatre experience that is sure to land right up the alley of those who enjoy period pieces a la The Witch, but always wanted those types of movies to feel a little more claustrophobic and personal.” – Tara Rose, Nightmarish Conjurings

“The show effectively satisfies the sweet tooth of Halloween fans looking for a spooky treat along with theater lovers looking to plunge into the deeper layers of human darkness."
                                                                  – Jessica Peralta, Halloween Every Night

“SALEM is dark, tense, and (not surprisingly) relatable in our current climate…we’re shown the truly terrifying consequences of combining desperation with fear of the unknown.” – Sara Kinne, The Haunt List

“SALEM tells a horrible tale in a very good way.” – Erik Blair, Haunting

Salem Poster.jpg

Poster art by Brian Larios


“There is heart and humor in this tale…[The play] expands greatly on its original source material by layering a backstory and a personality to its dead, titular co-star, giving audiences reason to care and commiserate with his distress…TEIG O’KANE AND THE CORPSE reveals a unique and poignant truth about one’s legacy and memory—even as it may be worn away by the passage of time.” – Albert Lam, Westcoaster

“TEIG O’KANE AND THE CORPSE offers the genre-required chills and atmosphere, but most of all it is filled with pathos, provoking more tears than screams. It is one of Wicked Lit’s best efforts.”– Steve Biodrowski, Hollywood Gothique

“…this story of love, loss, and (sometimes literal) letting go benefits from the interjection of a bit of morbid physical comedy to highlight overall somber themes.” – Lisa Peters, Haunting

"Both men need to move on to the next level of their existence, and it is their journey together that makes this play an enticing and very up-close experience for the audience."

                                                                                        - Shari Barrett, Culver City News

" unforgettable night of smart and chilling theater." - Julie Riggott, Culture Spot LA

Flynn Platt & Kevin Dulude

Reviews & Mentions for Kerry's
Other Shows, Songs, Etc.

LILOM was one of my favorite parts of this year’s Wicked Lit as the story was engaging and elicited an array of emotions that included happiness, laughter, sadness, and hope.” – Shannon McGrew, Nightmarish Conjurings

“There is a witty sense of comedy to these scenes [in LILIOM]…that chart a dramatic arc to a final, fateful conclusion.”

                                                 – Steve Biodrowski, Hollywood Gothique

[In LILIOM,] we were invited into the lives of our deceased hosts as they attempted, with success, to keep spirits high while awaiting judgment.

                                                                  - Maxwell Robison, Medium

GIANTS IN THE SKY tells a gentle, simple story in a way that connects with both children and adults.” – Rick Brown, Kearney Hub

"I left the theatre feeling very happy and humming some of the songs. [GIANTS IN THE SKY is] a magical show indeed." - Anita Dawson, South Canterbury

LILIOM_Tosca Minotto_Alec Gaylord_Tadd Andrew Ball_Jennifer Novak Chun.jpg

“[Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm and Eliza Randall’s song ‘Kenny Castaways’] is another appealing exercise in nostalgia, [with] an homage to rousing Irish music…You’ve got to love a song whose refrain pairs ‘Kenny’s Castaways’ with ‘at last a way.’” – Jonathan Mandell, New York Theater

Tosca Minotto, Alec Gaylord, Todd Andrew Ball & Jennifer Chun in LILIOM.

"Fortunately, for those theaters and other venues that want to put on anti-bullying plays, there is some great material out there. For instance, BEFORE THE BELL." 

                                                                            - Teddy Durgin, Access

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