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WINNER - Soho Playhouses Fringe Encore S
WINNER - Encore Producers Award - 2018.p
NOMINEE - The Outdoor Voices Festival Co
NOMINEE - Top of the Fringe - 2018.png
WINNER - Female Director of Distinction
WINNER - Fav Fringe Flyer - 2018.png
WINNER - Fierce Backbones Hollywood Frin
WOUNDED Key Art Design by Matt Hill
WINNER - Better Lemons Critics Choice Aw
WINNER - Better Lemons DoubleSweet Award
NOMINEE - Fringe First - 2018.png
NOMINEE - The Unleashed Award - 2018.png


By Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm


Length: 90 Minutes

Age Range: Adult


WOUNDED tells the story of a woman who's been in the role of caregiver to her husband ever since he was severely mentally and physically injured in the Iraq war. The show starts when she, for the first time, is considering having a real relationship with someone new while still taking care of her husband. WOUNDED explores the question of what loyalty you owe your spouse when they stop being the person you married.



The Soho Playhouse (Off-Broadway) - press release here

Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018


WINNER: Soho Playhouse’s Fringe Encore Series NYC

WINNER: Better Lemons Critics’ Choice Award

WINNER: Better Lemons Audience Award
WINNER: Better Lemons DoubleSweet Award
WINNER: Encore Producers’ Award
WINNER: Female Director of Distinction
WINNER: Fav Fringe Flyer
WINNER: Fierce Backbone’s Hollywood Fringe Grant 2018

NOMINEE: Top of the Fringe 
NOMINEE: Fringe First
NOMINEE: The Outdoor Voices Festival “Conversation Creation” Award
NOMINEE: The Unleashed Award


“If the purpose of live theater is to connect us with others and illuminate their experiences so we can learn about ourselves as we witness them, then this piece has achieved its mission. It is an honor to have witnessed a piece of theater that can have that effect on an audience. I highly recommend this show.” – Russell Eaton, My Haunt Life


“Wounded is not, however, an anti-war play. It is a quiet, respectful examination of three intersecting lives. Indeed, respect — and love — for his characters is one of Kaz’s strengths as a playwright.” – Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost


“Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm’s Wounded is hard to watch. And that’s some of the highest praise I can give theater.” – Matt Ritchey, Gia on the Move


“Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm has written something much more interesting than a play about the human cost of war. It’s more about how we deal with damaged people, or how damaged people deal with each other.” – Guy Picot, FringeReview


LA Weekly article about Hollywood Fringe 2018 and Wounded here.


Read a sample, order a copy of the script, and/or license the rights to Wounded here.

Production Photos

WOUNDED Jessie Holder Tourtellotte and Kyle Felts; Photo By Kerry Kaz
WOUNDED Scott Kuza and Jessie Holder Tourtellotte; Photo By Kerry Kaz
WOUNDED Jessie Hold Tourtellotte and Scott Kuza
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