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By Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm

Length: 50 Minutes


What's worse - the unknown force causing terror in the small town of Salem...or the terror itself?


Salem can be read here.


Better Lemons DoubleSweet Award 2019


"From the moment the play begins, the tension of the environment around Salem is palpable, and it only thickens and worsens as the narrative progresses." - Albert Lam, Westcoaster

""It’s a wild ride of a theatre experience that is sure to land right up the alley of those who enjoy period pieces a la The Witch, but always wanted those types of movies to feel a little more claustrophobic and personal." - Tara Rose, Nightmarish Conjurings

"The show effectively satisfies the sweet tooth of Halloween fans looking for a spooky treat along with theater lovers looking to plunge into the deeper layers of human darkness." - Jessica Peralta, Halloween Every Night

Production History:

Force of Nature Productions

Midsummer Scream

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