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GRAY PEOPLE Key Art by Jake Thompson


By Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm


Length: 90 Minutes


Age Range: Adult

Trust fades, loyalties shift, and tensions rise as James, Jenny and Adam await a late-night delivery in the woods. They don’t know what to believe about each other - and are increasingly uncertain of their fates. GRAY PEOPLE is a darkly comic three-hander following gravediggers who don’t ask any questions about the nameless corpses they’re sent to bury. After all, the bodies are already dead…what difference would it make?


Performance History:

Force of Nature Productions 

OC-Centric New Play Festival



"Best Play - Local" BroadwayWorld L.A Award nomination
Better Lemons Critics' Choice Award 2018

Better Lemons DoubleSweet Award 2018 

Examiner’s "Best of Orange County Theatre" 2014


"Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm is a playwright who bears watching...He has a knack for setting people in tight situations, where their rubbing up against one another will produce not only friction but insight, as each one’s outer layers fall away." - Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost

"Kazmierowicztrimm has a wonderful knack of peeling off layers of character until we see the rawness that truly drives them. Gray People delves into the lives of people who have been pushed to the grey edges of society, and we start to see how perception can all-too-often be at odds with fact. One can even feel sympathy for characters we logically know we should despise, but human beings are never simply black or white." - Matt Ritchey, Gia on the Move

"Having seen a few works by playwright Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm, I went into Gray People expecting fascinating, deeply troubled people in a heart-breaking situation.  He did not disappoint." - Zahir Blue, Night-Tinted Glasses

"Conversation crackles like a thriller, but at the heart of this night rests the discovery that every person we meet reveals only a part of themselves to us. It’s emotional territory viewed through a slightly grim, dramatic filter." - Russell Eaton, My Haunt Life

"... What that cargo is and what their roles are slowly unwind, and while it takes a few very dark and vicious turns, Kazmierowicztrimm's script is more of an absorbing character study of very different people who share a harrowing bond. He does an excellent job of capturing the complex backstories of these troubling characters in relatively few pages, something less-talented playwrights have problems with in plays that are twice as long." – Joel Beers, OC Weekly


Read a sample, order a copy of the script, and/or license the rights to Gray People here.


Production Photos





GRAY PEOPLE Drew Petriello and Laura Zen
GRAY PEOPLE - Kyle Felts - PC Carlos Her
GRAY PEOPLE - Olivia Lemmon and Walter K
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