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by Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm

Length: hours

ARCHER TURNER dies, then wakes to several other Archer Turner's. Is this Heaven? Is this Hell? Is there a way of deciding which Archer is truly "the best?" Well, they better figure it out - because only one Archer will win the right to an afterlife. ONLY ONE uses the conceit of the multiverse to explore how it feels to be born into an abusive environment. When abuse is how you’ve been conditioned, it is difficult to fathom ever escaping that violence; that you will either become a perpetrator of that abuse yourself, or your own life will end in violence (whether it is brought on by your own hand, another’s, or from overdosing). The play doesn't pull its punches when shining a light on this difficult topic, but ultimately leaves the audience with what we could all use more of right now: hope.

Only One can be read here

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