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Book by Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm

Music & Lyrics by Denver Casado

Concept, Additional Music and Lyrics by Andrew Fox


Length: 60 Minutes

Age Range: Middle school


Published by Beat by Beat Press


Meet Frankie, a brilliant but socially awkward student who can’t seem to connect with her classmates. When a group project goes awry, Frankie devises an unconventional solution: she replaces all her classmates with android replicas, each programmed to correct their flaws. What follows is a hilarious and unexpected string of events that challenges Frankie’s ideas of belonging and perfection. Featuring a modern synth-pop score, this sci-fi musical comedy explores the ways we build narratives around one another and how a community where everyone is exactly the same is not a community at all.

Production History:

Premiered at Artsies, Inc. (Canada).

See WRITING RESUME for full list.

Soundtrack available on Spotify here.

Frankie Builds Androids is available for licensing here.

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